SCCM – the problem of the missing deployment file.

If you ever came across SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER starring at you in red instead of the normalcy  indicating sedating green under Monitoring > System Status > Component Status — chances are you might be missing a file and/or folder from a deployment. The example I am describing here pertains to a missing download from a Automatic Deployment Rule – […]

Windows Internal Database Ponderings

What is it? Where does it reside? How do we get inside? A quick blurb since these questions do come up occasionally. ***  Warning this may only be interesting to the inquisitive -SQL minded IT folks roaming the face of this planet  🙂  *** Then again in case you are responsible for a i.e. WSUS […]

SQL Server Startup Trace flags

Why in the world would you go there? Easy enough – then again no – especially not if you are contemplating to change trace flags for more than one server in your environment using what all experienced DBAs would attempt to do a TSQL approach. With a little bit of research you’ll find where the […]