SCCM – the problem of the missing deployment file.

If you ever came across SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER starring at you in red instead of the normalcy  indicating sedating green under Monitoring > System Status > Component Status — chances are you might be missing a file and/or folder from a deployment.

The example I am describing here pertains to a missing download from a Automatic Deployment Rule – updating Windows Defender definitions.

As you are right clicking and choose to display Show Messages >All you typically find is the package ID and a reference to the missing folder/file.

In the case of the above example the missing folder (file) id was


Easy enough you create the folder in the correct location with the aforementioned id and the error message will possibly change letting you know it’s still missing the file with the exact same id.

I am not certain whether there is a way to find out exactly what’s missing by siphoning through SCCM logs – BUT 🙂 – I know where to find it in the respective SQL backend database. Why and how I know are subjects of a related story for some other time maybe – similar to a large client environment had a problem and I chose the path of fixing the problem vs redefining the universe and unknown galaxies beyond – if you catch my drift – the one of the lonely consultant thrown once more into the fray .

A short SQL query inside your respective SCCM backend database

select * from CI_DocumentStore

where DocumentIdentifier like ‘2ff386bb-c69f-4028-9fb2-c5d067d32791’


may hold all the answers you were looking for .

Two fields of great importance – nestled within the XML return

(see below)

ContentId reflecting the FileId we are looking for

<Content ContentId=2ff386bb-c69f-4028-9fb2-c5d067d32791 Version=1>

and FileContent – conveniently letting us know what the expected file name is and

where to download it form.

In the example below the expected file name is AM_Base.exe. If you were to follow the download link indicated in SourceURL the filename of the respective download might be significantly longer/different from what the expected filename is. Easy enough to fix with save as …

<FileContent Name=AM_Base.exe Size=108978456 Signed=true Hash=E257F177EF1CD598130E96A392BBCEDED1A4E525 HashAlgorithm=SHA1 SourceURL= />



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