Exchange 2016 Logging consuming your drive space?

Surprise, in case you didn’t create your Exchange server 2016 OS volume with 200 GB or larger and/or have Exchange installed on the system drive – logging of Exchange activity (not to be confused with the individual database(s) activity logs) can easily fill up your drive. There are several scripts and approaches out there to […]

SQL agent job runtime review

I come across this problem every now and then – especially in performance cases in BI environments where troubleshooting becomes time consuming due to the often extended runtimes. I found a query at some point and added some more logic to it. It will return the weekday and the overall runtime in hh:mm:ss format which […]

SQL Database Mail not working

This one is an annoying bug/problem I recently came across when configuring SQL 2016 on Windows 2016 server. In case you just installed SQL 2016 and applicable updates and haven’t installed Net framework 3.5 on your server you may run into this problem as well.  You don’t need to install Net framework 3.5 to make […]

SCCM – the problem of the missing deployment file.

If you ever came across SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER starring at you in red instead of the normalcy  indicating sedating green under Monitoring > System Status > Component Status — chances are you might be missing a file and/or folder from a deployment. The example I am describing here pertains to a missing download from a Automatic Deployment Rule – […]